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The well organised management of filing systems and storage supplies is essential to increase productivity and for storing of important office documents. You just need to buy a good shelving system or filing cabinet to get started.

Here are some tips that will help you to get the ideal filing system for your office.

Things you may require:

• Suspension files
• Clip folders for holding papers
• Box files to file large documents
• Date stamps for filing daily received documents
• Filing shelves to file box files
• Filing cabinets to store files

Start filing the documents once the above things are in place. Similar documents can be filed together and must be given category names, so when you list them in the index you can easily search and find the required document.

Give correct attention to your positioning of files; papers that are used daily must be kept in folders within reach. The documents that are not often required can be stored in a filing cabinet.

Mail sent or received for office use must be filed to maintain adequate records. This will be beneficial in the long run.

Documents that are not required now but need to be used in future can be filed separately for easy access. All these documents can be stored on office shelves so that they can be accessed when needed. This will make your office a more pleasant and organised environment.