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Mobile racking units are storage units or systems that can be manoeuvred about in an office or industrial setup. Mobile racking units are usually mounted on rollers, wheels or can also be motorised. The motorised mobile racking units enable maximum utilisation of a warehouse area while still allowing complete access to the pallets. Mobile racking systems are often fixed on wheels or rollers, enabling units to move on rails that are embedded on the floor.

The operator can easily access and open any walkway required with a single command. Mobile racking units can be used for storing different things such as files, documents, goods, tools and other useful materials safely and securely. There are many types of mobile racking systems available including – drive in racking, conventional racking, cantilever racking and push back racking.

Mobile racking systems are widely used for long term storage of:

• Folders
• Documents
• Archives
• Archive boxes
• X-rays
• Medical records

Mobile racking units are extremely cost effective and also help in maximising storage capacity whilst freeing up considerable space at the same time. They are popularly used in offices, factories, stockrooms, warehouses and hospitals. Mobile racking units are usually located in secure places like dedicated store rooms.