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A museum is a place which stores articles and valuables of historical importance. This makes finding storage solutions for them a little tricky. An article in a museum has to be kept protected from a host of things and at the same time it is important to make sure that the storage solution does not hinder the usual maintenance routine.

The storage system in a museum needs to protect the valuables kept inside it from any biological infestation, as something like this can destroy or deface the article kept inside. The storage system also has to be technologically advanced and extremely sophisticated to protect the collectibles from any kind of external contaminant, it might get exposed to. Besides this, it also may need to deter any pollutants, rodents, insects and fluctuations in temperature. It also has to secure the collectible against any attempt to steal it.

After offering such specialised safeguards, it also has to be easily accessible for maintenance purposes and not pose any difficulty in the routine cleaning regimen.

This makes storage systems in museums highly sophisticated. A lot of these storage systems are custom made to suit the bespoke needs of the valuables. Wooden or metal shelves, glass cases and special vaults are all used to suit the storage requirements. These are usually equipped with advanced locking systems to make the collectibles secure.