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Walk into any office and you will notice one very important fact. A huge majority of them will have file cabinets to store files, folders and other important paper documents. Although there are many kinds of file cabinets available, lateral file cabinets have recently become a popular choice in many offices. This is mainly due to their versatile and space saving nature.

Versatile space savers
Lateral file cabinets are known to take up very little floor space yet also provide an extensive amount of storage space. These cabinets are ideal for storing legal and letter sized folders to suit your requirements. Lateral file cabinets are available in various sizes, with their width usually either: 30, 36 or 42 inches.

Number of drawers
According to your storage needs, you can buy lateral file cabinets with between two to five drawers. The folders in the drawers can either be organised sideways or from front to back. These file cabinets are usually made from steel so they are robust and long lasting.

Additional features
There are various other features that you can choose from for your lateral file cabinet. A file cabinet that is fire-proof is always a good option for an extra security measure. Lateral filing cabinets that only allows for a single drawer to be opened at one time can also be of benefit and safety.