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Many organisations such as libraries, government offices and educational institutions make full use of archive systems. This is because these systems are very useful in storing masses of paperwork. If your organisation has an abundance of paperwork then it is always recommended to go with archive storage systems. These units are the perfect solutions for any organisation dealing with paper documentation.

Archive storage essentially involves a racking system with multiple shelves designed in such a way for archive boxes to fit neatly into them. Typically, each shelf can store five boxes with the capacity to store two more boxes on top of them. The depth of these shelves varies, so you can get the ones which suit your requirements most effectively.

You will also find boxes with different colours codes on them along with a metal frame. These colours help in identifying different boxes where you have stored the necessary paperwork. The boxes are commonly made from sturdy cardboard. One of the best things about these boxes is that there is blank space on the front for writing any important information that will help identify the contents.

Archive shelving systems are one of the most effective ways to store your important paperwork systematically.