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The start of a new academic year

The schools, colleges and universities are all back or at least heading back. September brings the start of a new academic year. A fresh start and for many, their first time living away from home.

From new books to new classes, the new academic year is a time to get your head down and crack on. Here at Rackline storage we love this time of year. So as we head into autumn we wanted to make sure that you are as ready for this new term as you can be.

As you look around the library in your school, college or university, are you as organised and efficient as you can be? Or are there improvements to be made? Your students and staff will get more use and will be far more productive if your library shelving is doing what it should be.

Books and documents should be easy to find. Also, as your education materials grow you may find that you are slowly running out of room. If that is the case then we have plenty of storage solutions to help.


Our Monotrak system is mobile shelving at its best. Fitted directly to your floor it is ideal for storing your documents and books.


This is another great mobile shelving unit. It is a great way of controlling your mobile shelving using its timed access control. It is also very sophisticated and sleek in its appearance.

Profile shelving

This is a static shelving unit that will clearly display all your items with no migration. That means you won’t lose any books down the back of the shelves.

If you want to find out more about how our shelving units can help your library why not contact us? Let’s make this term a great one.