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Shelving systems are available in many different forms including archive shelving, mobile shelving and cabinets. Buying the perfect storage system can be a tough task and you should consider many things before settling on a final decision.

There are some simple steps you should follow to ensure your shelves are functional and durable.

Firstly, you should decide whether you require custom fit or readymade shelves. Readymade shelves are available in many shapes and sizes and are suitable for storing a variety of objects. Custom made shelves are constructed according to your personal specifications.

The location of the shelves: Before buying shelves, you need to consider where they will fit. For example, if you are planning on installing shelves for your office and have a lot of files and documents then it may be worth investing in mobile shelving.
The carrying capacity: Check the weight capacity of the shelves, as they are available with different capacities. There are some shelves which can hold load up to 300lbs and others which can carry only 50lbs. You should try to estimate the weight capacity that you are likely to need.
The measurements: The shelves should be big enough to comfortably hold the items that you are planning to store.

There are endless types of shelves available on the market today, and you should take a number of factors into consideration before making a final decision.