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Mobile shelving systems are one of the best storage systems available these days. They can be manoeuvred around the workplace with ease. Such types of racking systems are mounted on wheels and rollers. You will also be able to find motorised mobile shelving systems. Mobile shelving systems will be able to utilise your space in the best manner. Such mobile storage systems will also be able to store a whole range of articles or equipment. They can be used in a variety of locations like retail outlets, warehouses and offices. Houses which need to create extra storage space without using a lot of floor space can also opt for them.

There are various types of mobile shelving systems available on the market. They can broadly be classified into electrically powered shelving systems, mechanically powered shelving systems and manually operated shelving systems.

Electrically powered systems can be operated merely by pressing a button. When the button is pressed, the shelves which are mounted on wheels, easily travel along the tracks mounted for them. Mechanically assisted storage systems use geared hand wheels which are fixed at the end of a shelving unit. These wheels can be used to turn the mobile bases along the tracks which are mounted on the floor. The manual mobile shelving systems need to be pulled or pushed along the tracks.

Mobile shelving systems are convenient and cost effective. They will help to maximise the storage potential of any space that they are used in.