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Times 2 units are high density storage systems for business purposes. Times 2 units have double-sided filing and can be operated using a foot pedal. The inner cube of Times 2 units has usable sides that rotates on a fixed base.

The user can access the Times 2 units from any side. Without shutters and doors, these systems allow efficient use of the floor space. Times 2 units are can be placed close to the walls and screens. When Times 2 units are positioned next to the partitions and walls, they increase the storage capacity of goods and provide quick access to the stored items.

By installing a Times 2 unit, you can increase your storage capacity by about 40 to 200 percent Times 2 roller racking systems offer faster retrieval time in accessing the goods.

Times 2 units help the user to access 50 percent of the documents immediately and the other half is just a rotation away. For full rotation of the Times 2 units, they must be kept in the right place.

The rotation space can be covered by adding a wall closing strip and at the top. Times 2 units can hold the complete range of media and each unit can be configured according to the requirements of the user.