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Almost each and every office has files that need to be stored. If you have an office and are considering investing in a file cabinet storage system then you can keep the following tips in mind while purchasing the file cabinet system.

•    If you would like to store both letter as well as legal size file folders then you should consider buying a lateral file cabinet system. A lateral file cabinet system allows you to store both sizes of file folder whereas the vertical file cabinet system will allow you to store only one size which you have to decide at the time of purchasing.

•    You should choose file cabinet systems of high quality for your office, made with steel of a thicker grade. This will bulging or warping cabinets

•    Consider buying a file cabinet system that allows only one drawer to be opened at a time to prevent tipping

•    Consider whether mobile storage or mobile shelving is required.  Will you want to be able to move the storage system?

•    Ideally, you should purchase all your office file cabinets and other storage systems from the same supplier. There are many reasons behind this:

–    There will be no problem with any mismatch of paint colour or wood finish

–    You can select the same pulls and edge details as the rest of your office furniture