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Shelving can serve both the purpose of utility and the purpose of an attractive layout. Here are more ideas in order to make shelving effective.

•    Use appropriate materials
In order to sell your products through shelving, one always needs to keep in mind the nature of his/her product and then decide the material of shelving. A cheap shelving material would only help in underselling an expensive product. You should not have plastic shelves for a gold jewellery display, for example, because that would the jewellery look less attractive. The right shelf material would add a great feel to your shop.

•    Use Market Research
One should regularly try to develop consumer insights. Market research shows that 90% of the consumers tend to turn towards the right side when they first enter a shop and hence one should always display premium products on the right hand side with the help of attractive shelving.

•    Do not clutter the shelves
The shelves should be at a manageable height and they should be well spaced.