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With such high property rates, how many can afford to have a spacious office? Our answer, everyone can. Now you will ask, how? We will show you how by giving a few tips on how to best utilise small office space…

•    Wall Shelving
Wall Shelving is one of the best solutions to maximise space. Shelves, which are placed on walls, are great for storing office documents. Wall shelves are great because they help in storage and that too without occupying ground space since they are placed on the walls. Even though one can use wall shelves effectively for more storage, one should also take care not to overuse them. Too many of them can make the office look cluttered.

•    Mobile shelving
Shelves, which are like movable trolleys, can also be of great help in storing office documents and make the office more spacious. A spacious office will always have an optimum mix of wall shelves and mobile shelves. Such shelves are also very effective in storing large and heavy materials.