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A rack is a metal storage device that is usually made of a durable material.

Racks, much like shelves have a wide array of shapes and sizes. Racks are of great use for storage and industrial purposes and are finding their place in the industrial world. Mentioned below are the different types of racks that are used in a wide variety of environments and situations.

• Steel racks are one of the most common forms of racks found in the market today. These racks are durable, convenient and safe. They are perfect for heavy duty items owing to their solid build and durable coating.

• Pallet racks are ideal for storing large items while using only a little amount of space. They are convenient and easy to use.

• Mobile racks are perfect in warehouse and commercial spaces. These racks are space efficient, due to which can be stocked with more products than any other forms of racks.

• Console racks are ideal for large scale organisation of goods. Console racks can take heavy weight items and are ideal for large warehouse spaces.

• Office racks are the most popular form of racks and are seen in all office spaces and households around the world. They come in customized shapes and sizes and enhance the overall look of your home or office décor.

Whichever rack type or shelf type you choose to purchase, it is highly imperative to know the pros and cons of the different option available.