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There are two major types of cabinets. It is vital to know the steps involved in their installation.

Installing Wall/Upper cabinets

•    Start from the corner and then slowly push the cabinet up the wall. Make sure that the levelling is perfect from top to bottom.
•    Just in order to secure the first cabinet, nail a few screws on the top and bottom of the cabinet so that you can easily manage the remaining installation job.
•    Now push up the second cabinet against the wall and make sure that the side of this cabinet is touching the side of the first cabinet. This will free up more space for the remaining cabinets.
•    Use connecting screws to join adjoining cabinets.

Installing lower cabinets

•    Set the first cabinet. Make a reference height line. Use a screw and connect cabinet to the wall.
•    Now place the second cabinet. Place it next to the first cabinet. Make sure that the cabinets are properly secured against the wall.
•    Now secure all cabinets against each other. Check the level.

Installing Island cabinets

•    First, determine the area where you want to install the cabinet. This space has to be selected carefully. Wrong selection might hamper the movement.
•    Do a dry run first and make reference markings on the floor. Mark where the screws need to be drilled in.
•    Secure all the cabinets against each other. Make sure that the level and the alignment are proper.