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Delicate and rare artwork of all sizes will require appropriate storage for safe keeping and easy access. There are many options to choose from here at Rackline, so we have outlined some of our most popular artwork storage and picture racking systems to safely store your artwork:

Plan Chest Storage Units

To keep artwork safe and out of sight, we offer chest units that can be both stand alone or mounted onto carriages for easy mobility and to maximise the space available. Our collection also comes in a variety of sizes to suit your storage requirements.

Toast Rack Storage

When searching for compact and flexible artwork storage, toast rack units are your best option. Their internal pole dividers are strong enough to support heavy artwork and the units themselves can be adjusted in height by 25mm for larger works of art.

Hanging Map Storage Units

Picture racking for fragile and rare maps could not be easier with our Hanging Map Storage Units. This storage unit is compact to maximise space and allow maps to be hung vertically on a rail to keep them in good condition, rather than being piled on top of each other and squashed into a horizontal draw.

Drawing Cabinets

For pieces that are not as large as maps, but still need safe keeping in a vertical and compact manner, the Rackline Drawing Cabinets can be added to our Monotrak or Multitrak mobile carriages to maximise capacity and provide the same amount of space and protection.

Conventional Pull-Out Picture Racking

Our Pull-Out Picture Racking can be made to your exact storage requirements to accommodate hanging items, such as rare artwork and mounted animal heads.

The Pull-Out Picture Racking system is built of fully welded steel sections and can come free standing or ceiling supported. The heavy gauge wire mesh frame provides a lot of support and storage for large, hanging art pieces.

Lateral Mobile Picture Racking

These double sided picture mesh frames make the perfect addition to your storage room and can be mounted onto mobile carriages to expand space capacity and smooth mobility of delicate artwork.

Lateral Picture Racking can easily fit into a single aisle and only standard size front gangways are needed for access.

Rod Dividers

Rod Dividers are also available to be used with our profile and proform shelving to organise and divide vertical storage units, ready to slot in paintings and boards.

Here at Rackline we’re here to help your gallery maximise your storage capacity and preserve irreplaceable work with our picture racking and artwork storage units. To browse our extensive range visit our website or to find out more about how we can help you store your artwork please call a member of our team on 01782 770144.