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It is important for every office to keep its documents stored in an organised way. When important papers, documents and files are scattered around, the working environment of the office is affected negatively. This also results in time wastage as finding a specific file when the system is in disarray is often impossible.

The best way to keep an office well organised, neat and clean is to install proper filing systems. Different types of filing systems are available today that can easily fulfil the storage requirement of any office. Two often used types of filing units are vertical filing systems and lateral or horizontal filing systems.

Both these filing systems can be obtained readymade or custom made to specific requirements. Vertical filing systems are best suited for most offices as they can easily accommodate normal files and documents. Vertical filing systems use space intelligently so the storage space is increased.

Vertical filing units look elegant and can fit in any office space due to their convenient size. Lateral or horizontal filing units on the other hand are extremely useful for offices that have to store documents that are unconventional in size. Lateral filing units are thus highly useful in firms that have to store maps and large blueprints.

Both vertical and lateral filing units keep the documents well protected and make the office look well kept and a nice place to work.