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In any library you will find a huge collection of books. It is necessary that every book is kept in such a way that it can be viewed and found easily by any person who visits to the library. People come to the library to learn or read about something of their interest. Hence if the visitor is searching for any book then the library arrangements should be classified sufficiently to make the books available for the visitor easily.

Static shelving is just a combination of shelves in a proper manner so that every book fits in its specified slot easily and can be used as and when needed. In a library you would expect a very pleasant and soft colour in your surrounding so that it does not put any strain on your eyes. A static shelving system can be made in any colour you want. Which when used in a library, it attracts a lot of people because the books are easily accessible and the surrounding is quite pleasant to read quietly.

As the books are well distributed in all the slots it is easy to keep the records of each book. It also becomes easy to count the books with its names and other details. This is possible because in a static shelving system you can keep the books in such a manner that all the details can be seen easily and hence it becomes more convenient to search and keep a count of all the books.