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Today, modern storage systems are the ones which dominate the offices whether it is an industrial office or home office. Today almost 80-90% of offices have great contemporary interiors and many like steel as it looks modern.

The use of steel for storage systems can be best seen in industries as shelving. Industrial shelving is also available in wood but steel is often preferred as it is durable and strong. The steel shelving is given a coating of paint or powder so that it does not rust easily.

Steel shelving is usually available in do-it-yourself kits. These shelves are affordable and provide flexibility too. Steel shelves are capable of being mounted with static or mobile shelving. Mobile is slightly more expensive than the static shelving but makes up for this in its flexibility. Mobile steel shelving matches with the requirements of many industries and offices.

Mobile shelving can be easily transported as they are installed with wheels.  Steel shelving is available in many types like Closed Steel Shelving, Combo Open and Closed Steel Shelving, Open Steel Shelving and Bin Unit Shelving.