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Storage systems have come a long way in the industrial sector. Any delay in deliveries or business or failure of machines can result in huge losses. Managers in business and corporate setups are finding ways to organise industrial material more efficiently.

The industrial sector has accepted the application of shelving systems as the most reliable way to locate things in warehouses or workshops.

Below are some of the types of shelving used in industrial sector

Wire shelving: These are the most durable storage systems in the industrial setup. These storage systems are easiest to maintain and can be extended when required.
Mobile racking: These are made to cover vast areas leaving a lot of work space. The racks are rolled on a rail track. This movement makes mobile racking easy to access and operate. The system cuts down on wasted space.
Double rivet: These are the strongest of all the storage systems. They are made of metal inside and out and are used to carry heavy material and objects. The double rivet is in demand in warehouses and workshops.
Circular shelving: These shelves create space in areas never imagined to support racking or shelving.

Storage systems are used in all areas of the industrial sector. They have created a niche for themselves when it comes to space saving and storing.