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Nowadays, most organisations choose rotary cabinets to store their things as this type of storage device is much more flexible than lateral cabinets. One of the benefits of rotary cabinets is that they occupy only one-fourth of the floor space and offer a huge storage capacity. These cabinets include roll-out shelves, top tab filing, media drawers, roll-out hanging files and also shelf filing.

Rotary cabinets are used to store different types of media including books, binders, microfilm, diskettes, CD-ROMs and also documents.

The significance of rotary cabinets

With the help of rotary storage cabinets, you can increase the storing capacity of your office by up to 200%. One of the main reasons why rotary cabinets are gaining so much in popularity is that they allow you to rotate the shelves completely.

Where can I have a rotary storage cabinet built in my office?

Rotary filing cabinets can be built in alcoves and are made from sturdy materials. If you don’t have alcoves in your work environment they can be made with the help of soft wall technology. In most cases the shelves of these cabinets are made from steel. There is also a foot pedal which helps people access files which are placed on the shelves. Lastly, these cabinets are available in various colours such as violet, grey, white and black. So, you can choose one which matches the appearance of your office.