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There is always a certain degree of space constraint in homes and offices. Space must be allocated through structured planning otherwise items are bound to go astray. Whilst one might be able to take liberties at home, in an office the storage system needs to be efficient and practical.

Mobile storage is a concept in which storage systems are made portable so that they can be positioned anywhere within the office for convenience. Should the files or document stored in the system become outdated, then they can easily be transferred to another room due to the facility of a mobile storage system.

Mobile shelving or racking provides the maximum amount of storage whilst using the minimum amount of space. Mobile storage need not look dull and boring. By utilising bright colours and textures, mobile storage can achieve the look and appeal of traditional storage systems. It is the need for space and structure that makes mobile storage a big favourite in offices and organisations.

Pirouette cabinets are storage systems that can enhance the look of an office whilst rotating through an angle of 180 and 360 degrees, providing better overall visibility and usability. Shelving and racking have been the typical style of storage systems in an office, but the revolution of mobile storage that has changed the appearance of every office.