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Following are the various facets of rotary file cabinets that have made them popular in modern offices

•    Easy accessibility
Rotary file cabinets can be rotated very quickly and very easily. This makes retrieving files from it very easy and very quick. This improves efficiency by reducing time.

•    Easy filing
These cabinets are designed in such a way that filing can be done from both the sides. Also filing is easier with these cabinets.

•    Portable
These cabinets are portable and can be shifted easily from one place to another. These cabinets are also designed in such a manner that they can be cleaned very easily and hence they are also very low on maintenance.

•    Cabinets can be added
In case of rotary cabinets, new sections can be added easily on top of an existing rotary file cabinet. Adding more cabinets is a very simple and inexpensive affair, which is always a boon in case of an ever-growing business. In effect, they ensure cost-saving for a firm.