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Shelving that uses recycled material is becoming a popular option amongst many households in the UK today. Listed below are a few things you should know about shelving.

1) Types of shelves: There are two main types of shelves. Readymade shelving is adjustable. It comes in a flat pack form and can be self assembled. You can even build shelves yourself using raw materials. Shelf units can be free standing or fixed to the wall.

2) Chipboard shelving: Chipboard shelving is cheap and easily available. It is not particularly suited to offices, unless the décor in your office is classic in style.

3) Plywood and block board shelving: This variety of shelving is really economical. It is best suited for sheds and storage rooms.

4) Softwood: This is the most common type of wood available. It can be used in your home and gives a good effect if it is finished well.

5) Metal: Metal shelving is best suited for offices as well as in modern homes. It is durable, makes a good investment and is easy to clean and maintain.