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Storage systems are used everywhere from homes to commercial and industrial places. They can be categorised into different varieties, including mobile shelving, mobile racking, archive shelving, archive storage and so on. Racks commonly used for storage are metal boxes which are galvanised and assembled with the help of different parts. They can take a tremendous amount of weight.

The shelving arena is wide and provides an array or choices like iron racks, workbenches, wall shelves, mesh shelves, modular shelves, rack MC shelves, stationary shelving, open or closed shelves, tyre racks, mobile shelving and more. These are mainly used in industry and in warehouses, but they can be incorporated into the home.

Some useful types of shelves include:

Iron racks and shelves: These are sturdy structures that are easy and safe to use. Iron racks and shelves allow storage of any type of goods and they last longer than all other types of shelves.

Mobile shelving:
These are suitable for any goods and can be locked up for security.

Console racks and shelves: These are used commonly in big store houses. These racks also allow the storage of delicate materials and are a favourite in the glass manufacturing industry.

Keep your goods organised by looking into the vast array of shelving options available.