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Shelving systems are incredibly useful in so many areas, such as a library, common working spaces and even special applications, such as mail rooms, file areas etc. and have a great impact anywhere, but particularly so in offices and working areas where it can be of paramount importance to locate a certain file when required.

Following are the various useful features of static shelving systems:
•    A static shelving system can change the overall feeling of an area, especially in offices etc.
•    Soft and attractive colours of a static shelving system can attract many people in the office as they will feel comfortable in the soft colour climate where they can easily read files without straining their eyes.
•    The static shelving system can also be useful, if you need to keep innumerable legal records, reconfigure a mail centre for helping hundreds of employees.
•    The mail centre can also be used as a packing station or collecting area by having arrangement of bins above the static shelving system.
•    You can also have counter storage below or a recessed scale compartment.

Static storage systems are often the only option in smaller offices where there is no room or requirement for a mobile racking system.