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Filing cabinets are office storage systems that are used for temporary as well as permanent storage of files and other related documents. Generally they are used for storing paper in a file folder. The most popular and common types of filing cabinets are vertical and lateral filing cabinets.

Vertical file cabinets have drawers that can be extended from the shorter side of the cabinet. Lateral file cabinets have drawers that can be extended from the long side.

The use of the vertical file cabinet was expanded due to the commercial distribution of xerography machines. By using this, office workers can have their own copy of the printed matter. Other reason why the vertical file cabinets are used widely by commercial organisations is because of government regulations in which the businesses have to keep and create forms and other office documents.

With the help of a vertical file drawer, users can easily retrieve the files and use the top of the cabinet as a work area for checking the file contents. The drawers of the vertical filing cabinets are made in such a way that they accept hanging file folders.

Vertical file cabinet systems are suitable for large offices where documents and files have to be accessed frequently. These file cabinet systems provide easy accessibility and a lot of flexibility in terms of storage.