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When an office is set up, the one thing that you want is to use the space to the optimum level and to use the space properly there needs to be a proper plan. A big issue is the storage space that one needs. In an office, one needs a proper space to store files and other documentation, so therefore a filing & storage system is important and necessary.

The interior of the office can be stylish but what matters is how well things are arranged and if they are easily available. The files should be kept in such a way that you need not spend time hunting for them. To save time and space it is important that you make use of innovative features and systems such as the vertical file storage unit.

One special feature of the vertical file storage unit is that it is as spacious as a normal standard drawer would be, but occupies far less floor space. The cabinet can hold files, big maps, drawings, charts and much more.

These file storage units can hold paper of lengths of up to 11 inches to 6 feet, but occupy very little of space. These file holders are very spacious and they help to keep important articles in a systematic and organized way. The sorting and selection of the files is much faster making this type of storage system invaluable.