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One of the most effective and efficient storage systems available for the office are filing cabinets. Having the right filing cabinet ensures that the office functions efficiently and work productivity does not get affected. Filing cabinets are a practical way of storing your data and keeping your records well-organised and easily accessible, whenever you need them.

Filing cabinets are both functional and attractive and provide you with the added benefit of enhancing the overall appearance of your office space. There are two main types of filing cabinets available, vertical filing cabinets and lateral filing cabinets. However, if you have less office space, then the best choice would be a vertical filing cabinet.

Vertical filing cabinets
Vertical filing cabinets are one of the main types of filing cabinets and are available with a drawer depth that ranges from 15 inches to 28 inches. The number of drawers in these filing cabinets generally varies between two and five. The drawer capacity of the vertical filing cabinet depends on the type of filing cabinet you purchase and the size of the files, documents and other paperwork, such as legal-size, A4, or letter-size.

Vertical filing cabinets are available in different sizes and materials. If you require a filing cabinet that is practical and durable, then your ideal choice would be a steel filing cabinet that is available in a wide choice of attractive colours to suit your office interiors and décor.