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Wall shelving units or storage systems are most commonly used in offices. They are available in various styles, colours and materials. You can mount the shelving on wall using brackets. They can also be used as the focal point in your office.

The location of shelving in your office is the most important factor in its selection. The type and style of shelving depends on where you place the unit. Take the correct measurements before purchasing a shelving unit. You can also select freestanding shelving unit which can fit on the wall. A shelving unit mounted on the wall has more support and can hold heavier objects.

Glass or wood shelves are best suited for small items. For larger items you should use wire or steel shelving. Using wall space to install a shelving unit gives a clean and organised look to your office.

Nowadays a variety of materials are used to develop a shelving unit. You may choose from any of them that serve your needs in the best way. You may choose from stainless steel, solid wood, glass or composite. They are available in various colours to match the décor in your office. They are also available in different shapes such as square, round, rectangular, triangular, half moon shaped or curved. All these options make it easy for you to fit the unit in any place.  You can even get customized mobile shelving units for your office according to your specific requirements.