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West College Scotland as the name suggests is a college designed to cater for the entire West of Scotland. Main campuses are Clydebank, Greenock and Paisley, each of the campuses feature great teaching and state of the art facilities.

The brief:

Rackline was invited to provide a design for the new library following an introduction presentation provided to the interior designer Shaun Dargan who was designing the library. The existing library was in another building on campus in a large high-ceilinged room with shelving surrounding a single study space. The plan was to move to a smaller (and rounder) space within the main college building and aimed to provide a more welcoming environment for the students. The challenge was to provide the same storage capacity for books while also allowing study space, working space for the librarians, and without blocking the natural light coming through the floor to ceiling windows. One particular feature was to provide storage for information leaflets on personal issues which would be situated away from the main area and out of view of the librarians desk to allow students to access this material discreetly.

West College Scotland – Paisley

The solution:

Rackline installed a total of twenty seven bays of Proform static shelving, many individual bays to allow the units to fit around the curve in the room. The bays were designed in different heights and widths to suit the overall layout of the library. Twenty six of the bays had standard shelves and an adjustable divider on each level, and one bay was designed with lift up journal shelves to store and display leaflets. The finish was Pure White (RAL 9010) and we also included decorative tops on the lower level bays to ensure a finished appearance. The college had an essential installation date in mid August which we were able to accommodate, to allow the library to be completed ready for the students’ return to college at the end of that month.

“the key to this project was to maximise the space within the room, utilising the the most of the curves whilst maintaining the amount of light in the room and creating a welcoming feeling for students. Rackline provided a product that fitted the room perfectly, with a design to fit around the curves, adjustable shelving to accommodate as much capacity as possible and a clean white finish to reflect the light.” – Shaun Dargan, Interior Designer