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Storage systems that can be moved around a workplace or work area are called mobile racking systems. These mobile racking systems are normally mounted on wheels or rollers. You can also find motorised mobile racking systems for convenience. These kinds of racking systems are set on electrically powered bases. The operator can open and access any compartment required with a single command.

There are many different types of storage solutions for limited amounts of space. One of the most popular is the mobile racking system. This can be used for general storage, filing and organisation and are very popular in schools, libraries and offices.

Large mobile racking systems can also be used to store different types of pallet loads, sacks, drums, crates etc.

Types of mobile racking systems

There are a number of mobile racking systems available:

• Electrically powered – These systems are powered with the help of a control console. This console enables the powering of a high ratio gear to run the wheels and chains in the mobile bases.

• Mechanically assisted – Mechanical systems use multi-ratio geared hand wheels to turn the chains and wheels in the mobile bases. This makes it very easy to move even very large loads.

• Manually operated – Manually operated systems generally feature push or pull handles to move the mobile bases.

Mobile racking systems are cost effective and provide a lot of storage capacity.