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Archive shelving is one type of storage system that is most required by offices and businesses which deal with excessive paper work. There are many industries that depend on paperwork and important files. They cannot afford to lose or ruin important documents.

If such offices and businesses use archive shelving, it will certainly prove very beneficial to them. Some offices have plenty of unfiled papers lying around their office. They do not know the proper methods of storing files and documents. Due to such mess, the area looks very cluttered and untidy. Archive shelving is a very convenient option that is introduced for such places.

What is archive shelving?

Archive shelving is a racking system that has many shelves to it. They are made in a way that comfortably fits in many packages. Generally, you can store around four to five boxes on one shelf and two boxes can be mounted on top of each other. The depth of the shelves varies in different archive racks.

Due to the different types of shelves and the various colour combinations, it becomes easier to co-ordinate the metal frame and exterior of the shelves. The colours available are: blue and orange, blue and grey, all blues, two tone greys etc. Companies will often differ on their colour ranges and types. Colour coding shelves will help you identify different spots of paperwork efficiently.

Archiving is certainly one of the best means of storage. It can systematically organise your office materials and make access easier.