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What is archive shelving?

Archive shelving is a racking system comprised of multiple shelves. Archive storage systems are made in such a way that they can store a variety of sized products while taking up minimum storage space.

Generally, you can store around four to five boxes on one shelf and two boxes can be mounted on top of each other. The depth of the shelves varies in different archive racks.

Due to the different types of shelves and the various colour combinations, it becomes easier to coordinate the metal frame and exterior of the shelves. The colours available are blue and orange, blue and grey, all blues, two-tone greys and much more.

Companies will often differ in their colour ranges and types. For example, colour-coding shelves will help you identify different spots of paperwork efficiently.

Where is archive shelving used?

Archive shelving is a type of storage system required by offices and businesses working with excessive paperwork. This type of racking helps to systematically organise your office materials and make access to important documents easier.

There are many industries that depend on paperwork and important files. They cannot afford to lose or ruin important documents.

Some offices have plenty of unfiled papers lying around their office. This can lead to a cluttered, messy workplace environment which makes archive shelving a very convenient option for such places.

It can systematically organise your office materials and make access easier.

What are the benefits of archive shelving?

The main characteristics of archive shelving make it a multi-industry solution.

Long lasting

Rackline’s archive shelving is designed to last. The racking systems withstand high weight demands and the use of heavy-duty metals ensures stability and longevity.

Maximises space

Using archive shelving is a good way of increasing the density of your storage solutions. The use of otherwise unused vertical space is efficient and helps to maximise spaces which would otherwise be wasted.


Rackline understands the demands of different industries. That’s why our archive shelving systems can incorporate a variety of security measures. From dust-proofing to temperature control and locking systems, there’s a custom security measure for your archive shelving system.