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And more importantly, how can mobile office storage help? Not everyone has the luxury of lots of office space or the means to be able to move to bigger premises. Certainly, after the last couple of years, we know a lot of businesses that would perhaps benefit from more space are being cautious with spending as we move towards the ‘new normal’ following the global pandemic.

Office storage needs can vary from business to business but everyone at some point has the problem of coping with more paperwork than they have space for. Most offices will have a dedicated area for storage of paperwork and documents etc. but this can be limited so when you end up with too much to fit into your filing cabinets, your office space ends up looking untidy and disorganised.

So, if you need more space or are planning for future expansion but don’t want to commit to new premises, mobile office storage could be the solution you’re after.

Do you want to increase your storage capacity by up to 70%?

If the answer is yes, then please read on! Mobile storage not only allows you to improve your storage, but also saves on space. There’s a variety of mobile office storage solutions available so there’s something to suit all budgets and space available.

Space saving has never been easier – and with our bespoke tailored solutions, you’ll have perfect office storage which can improve productivity and morale in the workplace.

Plus, at Rackline, we offer a free, no obligation site survey, space plan and quotation – so you get great mobile storage advice and a tailored solution that’s just for your business.

What are the benefits of mobile office storage?

If you need more space but expanding or buying new premises just isn’t an option, mobile storage is an efficient way to improve your office environment.

Mobile office storage:

Who can benefit from mobile storage?

Installing mobile office storage can save space in any environment. It particularly lends itself to general office filing. By just moving files from your existing static shelving or filing cabinets and putting them into mobile storage, you’ll instantly create more space in your office environment and have a more efficient way of storing your files.

Or if you need an organised archive system, mobile storage really comes into its own. It’s easy to install and simple to operate and gives you an efficient method of storage and retrieval.

If your business involves drawings or plans, mobile storage would be the perfect addition to a modern office – particularly architects or planning departments.

Is it time to ditch bulky storage?

Do you want to make more room for you and your employees, create an efficient means of storage or manage retrieval rates for important documents? If you do, then you should certainly consider the advantages of installing mobile office storage in your workplace.

Rackline provides mobile storage solutions across a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, libraries and more.

You can choose between manual or powered mobile office storage and with our tailored solutions, you can be assured that you’ll get the best result for your business.

Take a look at our Monotrak Mobile Storage – a unique system that operates on a single guide track fitted directly to your existing floor. This system avoids costly site work and is easy to install.

Our Multitrak Mobile Storage operates on multiple tubes and wheels to accommodate long bases and greater loads. It’s powerful guidance and drive system ensures the carriages are perfectly aligned on tracks.

Or our Powertrak Electronic Mobile Shelving which incorporates the latest technology and has sophisticated programmable logic controls but is still easy to operate.

If you want to find out more or get some inspiration on how these simple storage solutions could save you space, we’re here to help. Why not take a look at our ultimate guide to mobile shelving which gives you a brief introduction to the cutting-edge solutions we provide and a glossary of the key terms for the mobile storage options available.

Made using lightweight and hard-wearing steel, mobile storage – sometimes referred to as roller racking, rolling storage or mobile racking – has a lot to offer businesses. So, if you’re ready to save space but gain more storage, get in touch today.

But, if you have specific questions about how our mobile office storage solutions work or if you’d like to chat to us about what’s the best fit for you or whether you should choose a manual or powered option, give our friendly customer services team a call on 01782 770144 or get in touch via our contact form.