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Travelling can be one of life’s more exciting experiences. Yet it can be extremely hard work if your luggage has to be taken with you everywhere you go. Whether you are going on a daytrip or a longer journey somewhere more exotic, one of the most useful facilities to have to hand is on-site storage.

Many of the country’s top attractions are set up to cater for the visitor who has too many coats and bags to make the day trip comfortable. Airports and railway stations across the world know that when you have a few hours to spare between journeys and connections you may not be happy carting around all of your paraphernalia. On site storage is a really good way of keeping your customers content by making life easier for them. Helping to give them a comfortable experience will result in higher satisfaction ratings which is definitely good for business.

So what makes good storage in the travel and leisure industry?

Location is perhaps the most important factor to be considered. If the storage provided is not in a convenient location for the customer then it is unlikely that it will be accessed. That said, for most organisations, space is limited. This means that getting the right storage options in the right place depends on making the most of that space, and having highly efficient facilities. For some organisations this can mean utilising outdoor areas near exits and entrances, but for most, a central indoor room or space is the best and most preferred option.

storage for travel industry

Storage needs to be secure. No one will use it or pay for it if they believe that it is not. Many companies opt for security coded lockers, or key operated options. With high turnover and people using the facilities for short spells of time it is important that the lockers themselves are robust. The materials used therefore need to be damage proof. In addition, the size of each storage space needs to be able to typically cater for a number of bags and coats. At airports and railway stations, there needs to be adequate space for suitcases and backpacks. With an increasing amount of families on the move, there should also be a good supply of lockers that can accommodate pushchairs or other larger items.

At Rackline we provide a full range of left luggage and self-storage lockers. Contact us for more details.