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Mobile racks are movable and are generally used to increase storage on one hand, and to free occupied space on the other. These mobile racks have approximately five times the storage capacity of other conventional racks.

These racks are designed in such a way that they utilise space to its optimum advantage and hence lead to the minimum waste of space. With the advent of mobile racking, one might often have heard comparisons between mobile racking and static racking. Let us now compare mobile racking and static racking and compare their relative strengths and weaknesses.

A mobile rack is truly a portable piece of furniture while a static shelf is difficult and time-consuming to move. Shifting a static shelf can cause a few problems as they are usually very heavy and don’t have wheels which facilitate movement. A mobile racking system is more expensive than a static shelving system.

Mobile racking offers great storage space, occupying less ground space, whereas static shelving system offers storage space only at the cost of expensive office space.