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When it comes to developing and manufacturing storage solutions for the retail sector, the team at Rackline has decades of experience.

This helps us to understand the importance of moving with the times and responding to the needs of the industry, as well as adapting our products to meet the changing demands of the sector at large.

Here we look at our latest range of specialised retail storage options and how they are tailored to the needs of modern retail operations.

Storage for Retail Stockrooms

The advent of e-commerce and ‘click-and-collect’ has changed the stockroom requirements of retailers, with a resounding call for increased space and accessibility.

Our range of static shelving systems for retail stockrooms offer high volume bays that are 100% accessible all of the time and offer a wealth of customisations, allowing for efficient and reliable stock control.

Meanwhile, our latest selection of mobile storage systems are designed to offer quick and easy use and can be relied upon to increase storage capacity by up to 70%. Mobile systems also create invaluable additional floorspace, even in environments where spare room is at a premium.

Shelving accessories

We recognise that retailers require stock areas to be highly versatile, so we have developed a range of supporting products that can be installed alongside the shelving systems we manufacture.

These fixtures now include Mezzanine Floors and Partitioning, Office Storage and Lockers and general accessories for shelving bays such as hanging rails, doors, perforated shelves and spigots.

Head Office storage

The demand for online shopping has changed the way that retail Head Offices operate so storage options must adapt accordingly. With sample rooms and storage areas becoming more important than ever, Rackline has designed a range of related products that are both practical and save space!

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Rackline have been manufacturing shelving and storage for the retail sector for over 35 years so our expert team is able to design and manufacture the perfect solution whatever the needs of your commercial premises.

If you would like to find out more about the range of services offered by Rackline please contact our friendly team today by calling 01782 770144.