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Here at Rackline we believe that it is sometimes the simplest things that make the difference.  You may not think it but a steel storage cabinet or a ‘locker’ can be a huge benefit to your school, hospital or even business.

When you think about office storage systems or even workshop storage systems you can often forget about the simpler ideas.  A locker can have so many uses and you may not even realise how a locker can enhance your office storage solution.

Here are a few places where a locker can make the difference:


Keeping your school corridors clear of bags, coats and gym kits can help to make it a safe place.  Pupils nowadays have so many things that they bring to school that it can be too much to manage.  Why not consider some secure cabinets such as a locker to stow away their items?


Theatre staff and doctors need somewhere to keep their belongings safe and secure.  By providing secure cabinets you will reduce the risk of lost jewellery, bags and clothes and also give your hospital staff peace of mind.


Secure cabinets in your office can be a great way of keeping the floors free from bags and coats that can go missing or even be a trip hazard.   If your office workers attend gym classes or after-work activities it can be a real help having secure cabinets that they can keep their gym kit in.

Sports centres

The main place that you associate a locker with is a sport centre.  These secure personal storage systems are great for keeping your belongings safe and secure.  Leaving your members free to relax and work out without worrying where to put their things.

You see, a locker has so many uses.  What’s more is that these durable secure cabinets come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

To find out more about our lockers simply visit our locker page on our website.