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A storage system which enables you to access your office belonging from two sides is known as rotary cabinets. This particular storage system has many flexible features that offers offices a lot of free space. Apart from being effective storage equipment, rotary cabinets offer easy and quick access.

Functions of rotary cabinets:

Rotary cabinets are two-sided shelving units which have a rotating function. This rotating feature allows you to get access to the other side without moving around the unit itself. Easy access results in the increased business productivity and competence levels. If you cannot get your articles from the other side, all you have to do is rotate the system. Along with the rotating function, rotary cabinets have features to ensure the security of stored items. Such personal security enables the user to lock the cabinet or unit.

The wide varieties of rotary cabinets include reference shelves that can roll out, and there are other shelves and drawers that can be rolled conveniently too. This ‘roll out’ feature is used by businesses to store folders and documents.

As mentioned above, these cabinets offer a lot of extra space to the premises. This means these extra spaces can be used for other purposes. As such cabinets are user-friendly; quite a lot of offices have started using rotary cabinets.