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An organised workplace not only keeps everything tidy but it provides a safe environment.  At Rackline we firmly believe that everything should have a place, and that everything should be in its place.

If you have a messy working environment then it can prove to be a health hazard.  If you run a warehouse or an industrial unit it can be all too easy to forget about organisation.  But industrial storage is the key to running a safe and healthy warehouse.

There are many different types of storage solutions for your warehouse or industrial unit.  It all depends on your needs.

Here are a few examples of industrial storage that could help you run your business:


These industrial shelves are the most flexible heavy duty systems you can find.  They use industrial shelves rather than beam technology.  This is what gives them the flexibility but also the strength.  Accessories can also be purchased such as shelf dividers, plastic drawers and even hanging rails.  This gives you the ability to create dynamic storage, whatever your needs may be.

These industrial shelves are ideal for retail back stores and even hospitals and schools.


The Maxispan system is designed using beam technology.  If the Midispan industrial shelving is too small but the Megaspan is too much, then this is perfect.  It can hold up to 1500kgs per bay.  Ideal for library book storage, museum storage or even for more heavy duty environments such as schools or hospitals.


This industrial racking system is the ultimate Rackline system.  Designed for use with forklift trucks it provides space for the moving of pallets.  These industrial storage units can take up to 6000kgs per bay and can reach heights of up to 24 metres.   They are ideal for use in some of the biggest warehouses.

It is important to utilise the right storage for your needs.  Having the right storage solutions will keep you safe! If you are uncertain as to what industrial shelving or storage solutions you need why not give us a call?