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Mobile shelving units are systems which are designed in such a way that they offer more storage capacity than lateral or other type of cabinets. These systems are also known as roller racking, as they are movable and can be installed on tracks. Most of the mobile shelving cabinets are generally mounted along with a rotary handle. This handle is placed on the exterior accessible face.

With the help of rotary handles, you can easily operate the shelves. After the handles are revolved, they operate on the mechanism that will move the connected filing unit to the right or left side. The movement of the cabinets completely depends on the rotation of the handle.

The tracks are installed at proper levels which help in moving the heavy units with less effort.

Where mobile shelving units are commonly used

Nowadays, these systems are gaining popularity amongst several organisations. Apart from offices, they are also used for industrial and academic applications. At these places, large volumes of archive material, books and files are stored easily. In addition to this, they are also used in hospitals and government agencies for storing medical and government records. At present, you will find that legal firms are also installing mobile shelving units for better storage.

One of the best things about mobile shelving units is that they use much less floor space than other cabinets. In addition to this, these units can offer a huge increase in the storage capacity. Thus, if you are facing storage problems in your office then mobile shelving units are perfect solutions for you.