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Mobile shelving is specially designed so that it provides easy retrieval and storage. It not only maximises the use of floor space but also provides excellent accessibility to all items which are stored in it. They are high density storage systems which can double your storage capacity.

Mobile shelving is used in a range of different environments including offices, shops, hospitals, schools, museums and libraries.

Mobile shelving is one of the most effective ways to save space, as it eliminates the need for several aisles, as the shelving moves along floor tracks. When you need to access an item, all you need to do is move the mobile units apart.

Mobile shelving can be opened and closed with hand operated pull handles, mechanical systems or electrically operated machines.

Mobile shelving is also beneficial as it provides a high level of security to all stored items, and prevents unauthorised access. This means that the systems are even ideal for storing expensive and sensitive items.

Mobile shelving is an efficient and cost effective way of storing an endless range of items, and can free up space that you never knew you had.