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It is important to keep an office neat and clean. An ideal work area is one that inspires your employees and encourages them to be more productive in their work. Additionally, a well-organised office portrays a professional image and impresses any visiting clients.

The following are simple ideas that can help in keeping your office organised and increase employee efficiency:

• When storing files and other office related paperwork, you could label them in a way that makes accessing them in future easy.

• When storing office paperwork, check if it is necessary to keep the paper. Office paperwork that is not required can simply occupy valuable space. For instance, you could check with your accountant or legal advisor which financial papers are important to keep and require storage.

• Most office managers end up purchasing office storage system on its visual appearance. Although it is nice to have an office filing storage system that looks appealing, it must also be functional and useful. Purchase an office filing cabinet depending on the quantity of files that need to be stored.

It is important to have a storage system in the office allowing staff ease of access and retrieval to the stored files in order for maximum work productivity.