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If you want to double the storage space in your office then rotary filing cabinets can help you to achieve this. Rotary filing cabinets can easily accommodate pullout shelves or fixed shelves, and you can modify them easily according to your requirements.

A rotary filing cabinet spins smoothly on a low-profile platform which gives a better filing capacity than a standard cabinet. These cabinets are very effective, as they provide extra storage in the same amount of floor space and only require the push of a button.

Rotary filing cabinets have become very popular, as they are functionally better than standard cabinets. These cabinets are also available in different designs, so you can choose one that suits the décor of your office.

Here are some of the key benefits of rotary filing cabinets

• Rotary cabinets are available in different heights and widths.
• The cabinets have better filing capacity than vertical or lateral filing cabinets.
• You can store more files in the same amount of space- which reduces retrieval time and ultimately increases productivity.

Rotary cabinet accessories

• Rollout drawers – These drawers are used to store CDs and other small items.
• Security Drawers – These drawers come with double-bitted locks and secure confidential documents.
• T-Bar Rotor Tops – These store computer printouts and allow easy removal of documents.

Rotary filing cabinet storage is great for housing a range of items, and is a very cost effective solution.