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None of us are strangers to the fact that space is hard to come by. We are all aware of this because many times we need space to store large amount of items like papers, documents and other such things. However, more often than not, this space can never be found. These kinds of situations may compel us to get rid of other items which we may need later.

Perhaps the places that need the most storage space are offices. This is because they have to keep records of all their important clients, customers, transactions and deals. The more a company may grow, the more storage space it may need. Fortunately for everyone, new storage systems have been developed to increase storage space without taking up more floor space.

One of the most useful storage systems are vertical file storage systems. These storage systems can greatly reduce the amount of floor space for filing as compared to other storage systems and it even improves filing efficiency. A vertical storage system is capable of using up to 75 percent less space as compared to three 5 drawer units for flat files while storing the same number of documents.

Filing more documents is not the only advantage to having vertical storage systems. These systems may offer colour coded accessories and identifications to make retrieving files easy and users can save about 68 percent of storage and retrieval time. Vertical storage systems are versatile and are fitted with locks for more security.