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Is your office desk cluttered with more paperwork than it can handle? Do you waste valuable time everyday because you need to search for important office documents that are misplaced or lost? If the answer is yes, then it is obviously clear that you need to get a new office filing system, one that will help in clearing the mess presently in your workplace.

Before selecting an office filing system, you need to categorise the different types of paperwork present in your office. You can separate them into different categories based on the topic, date, alphabetical order etc. The important thing is that you must choose to categorise the paperwork in a style that is both convenient and effective for you.

Filing systems are available in two main types – vertical filing systems and lateral filing systems.

Vertical filing systems
Vertical filing systems come with a drawer depth that ranges from 15 inches to 28 inches. The number of drawers available in these filing systems generally ranges from 2 to 5 and the capacity of the drawer depends on the vertical filing system you purchase and the paperwork you need to store, such as legal-size, A4 or letter-size. Vertical filing systems are ideal for offices with a minimum amount of space.

Lateral filing systems

Lateral filing systems are wider than vertical filing systems and take more horizontal space. The drawers of lateral filing systems are much bigger than the drawers of the vertical filing systems. These filing systems are ideal for holding both legal-size and letter-size files in a drawer, providing you with a better filing option.