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Many organisations have been facing problems with regards to space in their work area. This is when mobile storage systems come into the picture. This equipment is very useful for the filing needs of organisations that need help systematically filing and storing documents.

Mobile storage systems can be operated in three ways, manually, mechanically and electrically. Your operating style will depend on the volume of files that will be stored.

These storage systems have shelves that are set up on carriages and tracks that can be manoeuvred. Storage capacity can be doubled with the help of mobile storage systems. This method of storage will also allow you to free a certain amount of space for other purposes.

Two major benefits of mobile storage systems:

Gaining information

Mobile storage systems allow you to store files and office documents in one place. The access to such items is very simple and easy. As the files are placed beside each other, you can locate them with ease. The productivity of your business gets a boost as the time required to file and retrieve is decreased.

Floor space

The floor space of the office area is freed up for other uses. The volume of files and other media stored increases with mobile storage systems. Aisles are eliminated in mobile filing systems, therefore they offer maximum space utilisation. The shelving and cabinet systems are also easily stored in small spaces.

These two factors help in minimising the space related problems in offices.