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Nowadays, many organisations all around the world are using rotary filing cabinets, as they help to store many things in less space. Rotary filing cabinets are specifically designed in a way that means that they can store much more than other types of cabinets.

Standard rotary filing cabinets have double sided sections which are located on the rotating base. With this base, you can easily access both the sides. In addition to this, you can rotate the shelves up to 180 degrees with the help of a foot pedal or handle. Once you have operated this, the shelves inside the cabinets will keep on moving until you release the pedal or handle.

Rotary filing cabinets are also sometimes known as multi-media cabinets, which come with several sections for storing different things. This means that they can store CDs, files, folders and documents. One of the best things about these cabinets is that they also have a locking system which also allows you to store expensive things safely.

So, get rotary filing cabinets in your office if you want to store many things whilst taking up less floor space.