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As a museum, the right storage solutions are essential.  You are in charge and in possession of some truly amazing artifacts and it is vital that you keep them in the best condition possible.

If your museum storage solution is looking tired, overworked or in a state of disrepair then it is time to update it.  When it comes to the ultimate storage solution for museums then the Monotrak mobile shelving is perfect.

How does the Monotrak work?

This unique mobile shelving unit is designed to operate on a single guide track that is fitted directly to your floor. Installation is simple and can be moved with ease.

It requires no false floors and complies with all the health and safety regulations, so it won’t cause trips or falls.

Why use the Monotrak?

The Monotrak is sleek in style but extremely effective.  It is the ideal way to archive and store your artifacts.  It also makes finding your artifacts easy, so there is no time lost searching through boxes and shelves.

As a museum you have a duty to take care of and preserve your artifacts, whether they are bones, art, media tapes or anything else for that matter.  Having effective storage solutions are essential so why not update your museum storage solutions with our mobile shelving?

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