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Wiltshire & Swindon Heritage Centre

Rackline was invited by Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office to provide an economic solution for their archive which needed to be in line with BS5454 archive requirements.

Apart from archive boxes that had to be stored, there was also a large amount of other articles such as hanging maps, rolled drawings, books (statutes and school log books), plan chests and films etc. that required a storage solution and also the facility to increase the capacity for growth by 30%
Rackline used their experience with BS5454 to design a system that would adhere to the archive requirements including ensuring the air flow throughout the system by raising the bottom levels 150mm above the floor and ensuring the system was away from the external walls.

Rackline created a bespoke solution for many of the articles and labelled them clearly on the drawing to identify their location, for example Rackline developed a unique map storage system that would allow maps to be taken from their hanging location, use and replace.

In order to maximise capacity all storage was mounted onto mobile bases (wherever possible), all top opening and side opening plan chests were mounted onto mobile bases together with 1200 bays of Profile shelving.
In total Rackline provided storage for all the various media and over 41,000 box spaces which included 20 years expansion of 30% – equating to approximately 10 miles of shelving!

The bespoke system provided by Rackline was extremely well designed allowing our wide range of products to be stored in a logical manner. The area was maximised to its full potential allowing us 20 years of expansion. The installation took 10 weeks to complete as part of an £11m project”.

– Claire Skinner, Principal Archivist