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In the last ten years or so, the modern workplace has seen major changes. Employees are no longer tied down to desks by landlines and desktop computers, instead the workplace has grown to be increasingly mobile, with laptops and mobile phones making it easier to work away from a permanent desk. As a result of the evolution of the office space, there have also been many changes in workplace storage.

Here we look at some of the workplace storage trends to look out for next year.

More low-level storage

low level storage

Many workplaces are ridding their offices of dividing walls and tall storage shelves in order to create a stronger sense of collaboration and community. By opening up the office, this can help to open up staff to stronger communication and social relationships, which can help to improve morale and wellbeing, and therefore, have a positive effect on productivity.

Of course, whilst dividing walls may be removed, there is still a need for sufficient and efficient office storage. As a result, we can expect to see an increasing trend for low level shelving and storage systems. Low level mobile shelving systems allow for high density storage, making maximum use of space. Compared to a standard static storage system, mobile storage can offer a 33% increase in filing space.

Storage systems will be more than just storage systems

Workers will increasingly be mobile in terms of where they choose to work. Gone are the days where people were strictly restrained to a certain desk or cubicle – Laptops, tablets and mobile phones are making it increasingly easier to be able to work from anywhere in the office or further afield.

Some people may decide to work from a more comfortable chair in a communal area, whereas others may prefer to stand up when working. Whilst laptops are increasingly lightweight, they still need a surface to rest on, so should someone wish to work standing up, the tops of storage systems can be a perfect height for a make-shift standing desk. In 2019, we can expect to see more people taking advantage of the convenience of low-level storage in more ways than one.

Increased Privacy

secure storage

Following the enforcement of new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in 2018, there has been a considerable change in the way that organisations and employers store sensitive data, and this is not just constrained to storing digital information. Organisations must put the same care into securing paper files safely and securely. This will mean the implementation of secure, easy to access, space saving storage systems and the end of important information kept in desk drawers or written on post-it notes that are stuck on desks or computer monitors.

Storage for your workplace

At Rackline, as the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of workplace storage systems, we take great pride in providing bespoke, intelligent storage systems for our customers, helping them to increase the efficiency of their storage and make better use of available space.

If the storage demands in your workplace are fast changing and you feel it is time to review your storage needs, simply call Rackline today on 01782 770 144 and speak to our expert team today.